"Phew" I thought, and for quite a few days trembled at the thought.

Then deciding to go for it I wheeled into town and my first possibility was a lovely blonde lady driving a yellow express delivery van. "Piece of cake" I though as a lovely smile invited me to take her picture. Bolstered by this success I approached a shop attendant having her lunch outside the shop back door. Why? Because I was running on adrenaline. Big mistake; she was as I knew really, a grumpy old biddy and I got a grumpy miserable negative from her. Ooops one step forward, one back. Never mind, gathering second wind I whizzed into the local market square and there at an outside cafe table was a man of about 6'4" with a ring through his nose and a Hell's Angel beard. "My name's Geoff, I'm doing a photo project would you................?" A large smile as big as the market square and I had photo number two.

From then on it was a question of finding interesting people with interesting faces, popping the question, and as you will see I have come up with 27 photos which I hope you will find entertaining and interesting. All of these lovely people were intrigued and willing so here they are for you to see. I only had one other refusal, this time from a young lady shop assistant who was just a bit too shy.

Because all pictures were taken with the camera at a height of 42" I had to ask some people to squat down otherwise one would have just seen the brim.

I'm now sorry that the challenge has come to an end as it was such an enjoyable exercise.

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