A Stratton which almost certainly dates from the 1950s, with a typically image of a rock and roll couple. This has the original price ticket which reads 55 shillings.

A lovely 'Musica' Stratton which means it is a compact with a musical box. It plays 'Happy Birthday'. The picture is by Baron, and features Svetlana Beriosova in Sleeping Beauty. A number of Baron's lovely ballet images were used on Stratton compacts. Probably 1950s again.

This is a clever idea! This Stratton 'Miraclean' has a felted bar which sweeps across the surface of the mirror when the compact is opened and closed, removing annoying traces of powder which spoil one's reflection! Probably 1950s.

A Regency shape Stratton, featuring the Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth. This top-of-the-range compact dates from the 1950s and was on sale on board the ship, and would have been an expensive keepsake.

A larger compact by Stratton with a picture of the Union-Castle liner Warwick Castle. I have another compact of the same type for a different Union-Castle ship and they both have floral puffs. From the 1950s.

A Stratton with a portrait of Queen Mary, the only truly great liner still in existence. This compact is boxed and in mint condition. The lady who sold it to me had bought it as a souvenir. Difficult to date, it is possibly from the early 1970s.

A Stratton from the early 1960s. The notes are decorated with rhinestones and the music seems to have been added by hand. The edge of the compact is engraved.

A Stratton from the 1970s, probably the first part of the decade, with lots of hearts. An ideal Valentine's Day gift.

Probably 1970s, this shell shaped Stratton is very pretty when turned in the light. Available to other colours and on different shapes.