Stratton are the best known British maker of powder compacts. There are probably more Strattons in the world than any other make of compact.



A rare Art Deco Stratton from the mid-1930s. This example has a wavy pattern on the silvertone base, and inside there is a glass mirror and a 'self-compressing' inner lid.

From the Spring 1940 Stratton catalogue, this colourful fun design was from the 'Winter Sports' range. In goldtone, with a glass mirror. There is no inner lid.

An early Stratton, this chrome-plated compact is marked Stratnoid. It has a metal mirror and a rotating inner lid. The dog picture is under plastic. Probably made in the early 1930s.

This compact is unmarked but is the same shape as a compact Stratton were offering in 1939. The dog emblem shares a similarity with Stratton's enamel badges. With a glass mirror, and no inner lid.

A Stratton 'Slab' compact in smart black and gold. This example does not have the 'Compact in Hand' logo on the inner lid so was made before c. 1950. The base has thin horizontal lines.

This large, round Stratton has a plain inner lid which indicates it was more than likely made in the late 1940s. Later Strattons had a symbol known as 'Compact in Hand' on the inner lid. The base has a tight spiral line. The puff is rather nice, too.

A Stratton 'Pontoon' shape probably from the early 1950s. Unusual design of mermaids. Some other 'Pontoons' had a closure like a coin purse, this one has the usual press-in closure.

A 'Slab' shape, probably from the early 1950s again. Another unusual design.

An example from Stratton's popular range of bird compacts. This is probably from the 1950s.