These three chrome-plated compacts have pictures backed with foil. They are all made by the British manufacturer Hussey & Co who marketed them under the trade name of Gwenda. They also made similar compacts using butterflywings instead of foil. Crinoline ladies were the most popular theme, as well as Dutch girls, as seen here.


This chrome-plated compact has a marcasite decoration and resembles a pocket watch. There is no maker's name or place of origin.

A  small goldtone compact for a pan of pressed powder. Made for Selfridge, London, for their own range of face powder. A lovely design of my favourite flower.

Made in Germany by Rowenta, this compact has petit point flowers stitched on silk. The shape is also very attractive. It was produced in other colours, one version in cream with a marcasite-set flower basket.


A lovely jewelled compact from Czechoslovakia. Before the Second World War this country manufactured a large range of fancy goods including jewellery, ceramics and vanity items. The lid of this compact flips open on a spring.

Another Czech compact. This one has a compartment in the base with a clip to hold either cigarettes or cards in place. The lid of the compact just pushes up.

A Princess brand compact from Czechoslovakia, with a jewelled terrier dog, that favourite motif of the 1930s.